How Infographics Increase landing page conversions

  • June 22, 2015
  • SEO
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Before we look at how infographics increase landing pages conversions, we should first look at what a landing page is all about in online marketing. A landing page is referred to as a lead capture page and is usually a single page on the website that appears in response to clicks on optimized search engine results following keywords or advertisement search.

Landing pages are usually linked from social media, search engine campaigns or email advertisements, which ensure effectiveness in advertising the products and services. Every landing page has one sole objective of converting all the site visitors into leads or actual sales. If you are interested in obtaining only leads, your landing page should provide your contact details or an enquiry form. However, if you are interested in making actual sales, you will be required to add a link to the landing page that will sends the customer to either a shopping cart or a checkout area.

Using Infographics To Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion rates usually determine the success of the advertisement and infographics increase landing page conversions. Infographics (information graphics) include visual graphic representations of any kind of information is otherwise complex. This means information is presented more quickly and clearly with the use of infographics. How then infographics increase conversion rates?

Human beings are attracted to graphical data and information compared to information inform of texts. People perceive infographics as (1) educational and (2) Entertaining. It has become a very useful tool that has increased the conversions on the landing page.  In other words, infographics collects data, organizes and put it in an east to understand visual chart or map.  Anyone who comes across infographics will be tempted to click on either a lead link or a shopping cart link hence increasing the conversions rates on the landing page.

Why Use Infographics To Increase You Landing Page Conversions?

There are many benefits of using infographics as an online marketing strategy campaign. These benefits include the following:

  • Brand Awareness Campaign– An infographics with you brand and logo makes a powerful tool of brand awareness. Many people will finally see your logo and your new brand.
  • Traffic increase– Infographics is compelling and drives a lot of traffic to your website. Most of traffic will result from “click” and “share” options leading to numerous visits.
  • Wide Market Coverage– Infographics cover a wider area as compared to print media since it only takes a push button and the information is viral. This allows as many people to visit your site as possible.
  • Attractive and compelling- Marketing campaigns are more effective if the target groups are interested in acquiring information about it. This is why using infographics drives great traffic to the website. Majority of those who see the information will be concerted either to sales or to effective leads.

Infographics has become the word’s superior tool in online marketing that helps greatly to influence the growth of the sector. Infographics increase the landing page conversions by increasing search engine traffic.

Utilize infographics on your website and you will experience the significant number of visitors and high conversion rates.

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